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Researchers are now finding evidence that the quality of a mother’s sleep during pregnancy can directly affect the health of her baby and baby’s future sleep habits. With so many physical, emotional, and chemical changes happening in one’s body, its no wonder that as many as 80% of pregnant women experience sleep challenges. We will work together to look at the many aspects of your life that can influence sleep and will build a helpful, relaxing plan to address your sleep needs. A pregnancy sleep plan will also include a postpartum component to help you and your baby ease into the next phase of life together.

infants 0-4 months

Everyone knows that having a newborn is exhausting. A newborn schedule seems unpredictable. We will work together to identify your infant’s sleep and activity patterns and implement strategies that will later support the development of healthy sleep habits. Infants are too young for formal sleep training, but we can establish nap and bedtime schedules and routines; set up an optimal sleep environment; and identify your baby’s sleep cues, temperament, and potential sleep challenges. An integral part of any infant’s sleep plan will be incorporating rest and self care for parents.

infants 4-12 months

During this time, babies are beginning to develop hormones that help regulate sleep. This is an optimal time to implement routines and schedules. Babies are experiencing growth spurts, hitting developmental milestones, and are trying solid foods for the first time. All of these factors can be exciting and can lead to sleep challenges. We will look at environment, diet, activity level, attachment, and many other factors that influence infant sleep when building a sleep plan. Parental rest and self care will also be built into any infant sleep plan. 


Toddler-hood can be a time of especially frustrating sleep challenges. Children are gaining a sense of independence and ownership. Toddler sleep struggles may include transitioning them from a crib to a bed, lengthy bedtime battles, frequent night wakings, nap transitions and consolidation (and disappearance!), separation anxiety, and fear of the dark. We will work together to help set helpful and relaxing bedtime routines, address anxieties and fears, and make bedtime peaceful time to bond with your child.

children 3-6 years

Children at this age can experience many of the same problems as toddlers such as nightmares, growth spurts, illness, and separation anxiety. But new challenges can also arise including potty training, birth of other siblings, and starting school. We will incorporate your parenting philosophy, as well as the strengths of all family members, to develop a relaxing and restful sleep plan that supports the family and attachment between family members.

sleep as a family issue

If one member of the family is experiencing sleep challenges, it is not uncommon for other family members to also experience them. It is important that we look at sleep habits of all family members and develop a healthy routine for the entire family. This may include changes to a family’s diet, activity level, or scheduling.

happiest baby on the block

Dr. Harvey Karp is a pioneer in the field of comforting and soothing babies. He has developed a technique in which he uses the 5 S’s of swaddle, side position, shush, swing, and suck to quickly and effectively soothe a crying baby. As a Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator I am happy to talk with you about individual or group classes in Dr. Karp’s techniques!

Working with Cindy at The Holistic Sleep Center was such a great experience. She changed the whole dynamic in our family, by helping us find ways to get my son to sleep through the night so we could ALL sleep through the night. Cindy was so easy to work with and found ways to work with our specific situation. She found simple and reasonable steps for us to take to get us to our goal. By the end of this process my son was sleeping through the night and so much happier when he woke up in the morning. We are so happy to finally be getting some rest after 14 months of constant wake ups. Thank you so much Cindy!

  • Lisa H